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Hydrospeeding with the UK Hydrospeeding team

Looking for thrills, nature, pristine waters, amazing scenery and a good dose of adventure? Then come and join the thrill and excitement of hydrospeeding with the UK's best hydrospeeding team, Hydrospeeding UK. Choose the trip that suits you & be prepared to have the trip of a lifetime, all designed to quench your thirst for adventure!

Safety First

We are fully committed to your safety both on and off the river.

World's Best Guides

Our guides are true water professionals with world class certifications.

Experience of a Lifetime

We provide an adventure like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Well Chosen Locations

We have scouted the best locations that deliver the best hydrospeeding adventures.


The Hydrospeeding Taster

Experience hydrospeeding for the first time in a beautiful location near Keswick. This taster session is a great way to develop your hydrospeeding skills.


The Hydro Buzz

Ready for a more extreme challenge? Then why not experience the thrill of the white water as you take on the River Tees at Low Force!



We understand you probably have some questions about the activity, what to expect, who can do the activity, age limits etc. But don't worry, we have heard them all before so we hope the below may help. But of course if we have missed anything, please feel free to contact us via email or call us on 07712 162088.

After arriving at our headquarters in Middleton-in-Teesdale, you will meet your experienced instructor who will give you a brief introduction.  We will kit you out with reinforced wetsuits (designed to keep you cosy & your knees nicely padded), buoyancy aids, fins & a helmet.

Before being let loose on the water with your hydrospeed,  all budding hydrospeeders complete an activity assessment so we can make sure you’re confident enough in the water. Then once you’re been given the all clear, we give you your hydrospeed board & we’re ready to get started.

After a lesson in the water on how to steer, stop and read the river, you will follow your instructor down the river, learning about duck-diving, surfing, rolling and spinning. You will also learn about dealing with the currents and manoeuvring yourself (and your sledge) around obstacles.

But don’t forget to take in the amazing scenery & breathtaking experience. Trust us you will thank us for it later!

  • Activity location – High Force, Alston Road, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Forest-in-Teesdale, DL12 0XH
  • Minimum age – 7 years old
  • We cater for Groups, Families and Individuals
  • Clothing required are towel, shorts and bathing costume. Footwear with laces are required to be worn
  • Wetsuits and safety equipment are provided
  • Time of activity: We advise allowing at least 3 hours for your experience. This includes pre-arrival time, your session on the water (including an activity assessment) and time to change afterwards.

Still have some questions? Why not check out our Common FAQ page here