What is hydrospeeding?

For thrill seekers looking to get close to the action, you can't get much closer than inside the action! This ever increasingly popular activity, hydrospeeding, white water tubing or river boarding gets you jumping straight into the action as you surf your way down the rapids holding on to your hydrospeed board, under the safe guidance of your experienced instructors – all adding to an amazing day out on the water!

So What Is Hydrospeeding?

Hydrospeeding or Riverboarding as its known. Is a sport or leisure activity that involves jumping into fast-flowing white water and being carried along at speed through all kinds of exciting river features. Remaining buoyant up on top of your hydrospeeding board allows you to descend waterfalls, breakthrough stopper swells, surf standing river waves and execute awesome 360 degree spins. This new exhilarating watersport of Hydrospeeding allows you to experience the thrill of the river on a board crossed between a large float and a surf body board. You will feel the fast flowing movement of the water as you twist and turn through the rapids with a qualified hydrospeeding guide to keep you safe and experience the ride of your life. A great alternative to white water rafting!

See Hydrospeeding IN ACTION

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