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Looking for things to do in the North East that will give you thrills, pristine waters, amazing scenery and a good dose of adventure? Then come and experience the excitement of hydrospeeding with the UK’s first and best hydrospeeding team.

Whether you’re a couple, group of friends, family group, stag do or hen do, this white water activity is an amazing adventure that everyone can enjoy!


In the late 70’s, some keen Frenchmen were lying on bags full of life jackets and polystyrene, floating downstream. In 1981 the first water sledge was built & hydrospeeding or river boarding was born! It’s now a professional sport in Europe and gaining popularity around the world!


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Love the great outdoors? Have a hunger for teaching? Then why not combine your two passions & teach Hydrospeeding! With many years of experience delivering internationally recognised qualifications, we can help you develop a career that you’ll love!