The Hydro Buzz

High Force, River Tees
3 hours
Age 8+


Located at the breathtakingly beautiful High Force Waterfall on the River Tees, our hydrospeeding adventure is perfect for thrill seekers looking to get close to the action.

Jump straight into the action and surf your way down the river rapids while holding tight onto your hydrospeed board. Under the safe guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll spend an amazing day on the water!

After meeting your river guide and receiving a brief introduction to the day, we will kit you out with our top-of-the-range safety equipment and carry out a brief water confidence assessment. Once you’re been given the all-clear and we have answered any questions you may have, you’ll get your hydro board. Then we’re ready to take on the river!

After a lesson on how to steer, stop and read the river, we head into the main flow and you’ll follow your guide through the water. Hold on tight as you feel the power of the river and the adrenaline starts to flow. Ride fast-flowing rapids, blast through standing waves, submerge yourself as you duck-dive over waterfalls, surf foamy white waves and try wicked rock jumps.

Finally there’s a calm section of water where you can gather your thoughts and take in the amazing scenery and wildlife.

“We had such a great time. Everything went over smoothly and our guide was very knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They really exceeded my expectations. I know I’ll be back!”
Amy Johnson


Location: High Force Waterfall, Forest-in-Teesdale
Minimum age: 8
Minimum group size: 2
You will need: laced shoes, towel and bathing costume
Length of activity: We advise allowing at least 3 hours for your experience. This includes pre-arrival time, your session on the water (including an activity assessment) and time to change afterwards.


Get ready to enjoy a hydrospeeding experience like no other!

Simply select your chosen day from the calendar & go from there.