About Us


Founded by entrepreneur & avid water enthusiast Lee Simpson, Hydrospeeding UK was the first hydrospeeding activity provider in the UK. Lee – an outdoor adventurer with over 20 years of experience leading expeditions throughout the UK and Europe – is dedicated to sharing his passion for the great outdoors. After discovering hydrospeeding while working abroad as an activity leader, he decided to bring this great adventure back to the UK for others to experience. Hydrospeeding UK was born and the rest is history.

Hydrospeeding adventures are now provided across the UK by our experienced instructors who know the local landscape inside-out. We are fully committed to providing tailor-made adventures with safety and fun at the core. In our safe hands, you can relax and focus on the experience.

So, if you’re looking for an experience that is invigorating and a little bit different – led by enthusiastic professionals who know exactly what they’re doing – this is the place to be!


We are a small company and we are proud to work with a select group of highly qualified instructors who all share the same goals: for you to leave us having had a fun, unique & memorable experience. We want you to end your day having gained a sense of achievement and, of course, a desire to do it all over again!


We are fully committed to your safety both on and off the river. You’ll be initiated in a calm area so you can get comfortable with the equipment and get used to steering. When you’re ready, your guide will show you how you can use the rapids, play with the rocks and surf the waves!


Our team is made up of fully qualified, seasoned guides from all around the globe. They each have a real passion for the river, with extensive knowledge and abilities.


Our team will keep you entertained and safe while encouraging you to challenge yourself on this action packed ride. We provide an adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.


Lee Simpson, Founder and Instructor of Hydrospeeding UK


Lee Simpson

Hydrospeeding Instructor

An outdoor adventure guide of over 20 years, Lee has created a career out of his passion and love for rivers and adventure activities.

Dan Hydrospeeding UK instructor

Hydrospeeding Instructor

Once ‘canoe-phobic’, Dan’s passion for the outdoors has now taken him from rock climbing to white water. He’d still rather not be in a canoe though ,which makes him the perfect Hydrospeeding guide: in the thick of the action with you!

Lee, instructor with Hydrospeeding UK, on the River Tees

Hydrospeeding Instructor

An avid outdoorsman with a great passion for people, new places and watery adventures, Lee is also a white water kayak river guide.