Teach Hydrospeeding

Teach Hydrospeeding

Looking for a career change? Love the water and the great outdoors? Then a career in Hydrospeeding could be waiting for you!


Hydrospeeding UK offers a wide range of coach education and development courses. Below is the full range of awards and qualifications currently available.

Boy hydrospeeding on the River Tees

Hydro One

This course is aimed at developing personal competence and skills as a hydrospeeder. The course provides all the necessary equipment, coaching and development time needed to become a competent hydrospeeder. This and a whitewater safety and rescue course are a prerequisite to all other hydrospeeding courses.

Man Hydrospeeding on the River Tees

Hydro Two

Site-specific venues only. In order to be signed off for this course, the venue must be one that the provider has previous knowledge of and uses on regular basis for other water -based activities. For example canoeing, kayaking or tubing up to and including grade 2.

Hydrospeeding in the North East

Hydro Three

This course provides all the necessary coaching techniques to become a hydrospeeding river guide on rivers up to and including grade 3 rivers. There are three parts: the training module, consolidation of logged hours, and the assessment module. You will learn about the hazards involved in hydrospeeding, as well as teaching techniques. The course provides a solid foundation in safety and rescue techniques through a number of scenarios.